Advanced Nitrox Instructor

PSAI México offers Advanced Nitrox Diver Course

Advanced Nitrox Instructor Course Manual PSAI MéxicoThe Professional Scuba Association International’s Advanced Nitrox Diver course is designed for those divers who wish to utilize enriched air (Nitrox) at oxygen concentrations up to and including 100% by volume (EAN22 to Oxygen) in their diving activities including stage decompression procedures.


  • Must be a current PSAI Open Water Instructor or equivalent
  • Must be qualified as an Oxygen Provider and in Diving First Aid, or complete qualifications as part of the IQC
  • Must have taught a minimum of 3 Basic Nitrox Diver Courses
  • Must be qualified as an Advanced EANx Diver (can be completed during the IQC) with proof of a minimum of 100 logged dives of which at least 25 dives were on EANx