Advanced Open Water Plus Diver

PSAI México teaches advanced open water plus diver courses

The Advanced Open Water Plus Diver (AOW+D) is a Professional Scuba Association International (PSAI) advanced sport diver level certification course. Upon successful completion of the requirements for this rating, graduates will have proven their competence to use standard scuba equipment and engage in a variety of open water diving activities without supervision, provided the diving activities and the areas dived approximate those encountered in training.

Course Content Includes

The PSAI Advanced Open Water Plus Certification requires that the diver has successfully completed five PSAI Sport Diver Specialty Courses. (Exact requirements may vary by the PSAI Country Licensee – according to diving conditions in the area.)

Required PSAI Specialties for the Advanced Open Water Plus Diver Program:
  • Basic Underwater Navigation
  • Deep Sport Diver
  • Advanced Buoyancy Control & Technique (PSAI ABC Program)
At least two PSAI Specialties can be chosen in the following list, depending on the logistics and the student’s personal preference, at the discretion of the PSAI Instructor:
  • Advanced Underwater Navigation
  • Altitude Diving
  • Archaeology
  • Basic Photography
  • Basic Videography
  • Boat Diving
  • Narcosis Management® Level 1
  • Narcosis Management® Level 2
  • Nitrox Diving
  • Night Diving
  • Computer Diving
  • DPV Diving
  • Drift Diving
  • Dry Suit Diving
  • Full Face Mask Diving
  • Marine Bio-Life
  • Open Water Sidemount Diving
  • Search and Recovery
  • Shore/Beach Diving
  • Sport Wreck Diving – non-penetration
  • Twin Set Diving

Where others may only require an extra weekend of diving for an Open Water Diver to become an “Advanced” Open Water Diver, PSAI believes that the term Advanced Open Water Diver should truly reflect a knowledgeable and well trained diver, who has gone beyond the least common denominator and taken the time to acquire the skills and knowledge from various fields in the open water sport diving arena. The PSAI Advanced Open Water Plus certification will be testament you have had such quality training.