Limited Visibility Diving

PSAI México teaches limited visibility diving courses

PSAI México Night and Limited Visibility Diving CourseThe PSAI Limited Visibility Diving Specialty course is designed to train divers in the benefits and potential hazards, equipment required, and proper procedures for diving in limited visibility open water environments.

Course Content Includes

  • Introduction to Limited Visibility Diving
  • Risks of Diving with Limited Visibility
  • Causes of Limited Visibility
  • Equipment for Limited visibility
  • Navigational Skills for Limited Visibility
  • Planning Limited Visibility Dives
  • Maintaining the Buddy System
  • The Descent Phase for Limited Visibility Dives
  • The Bottom Phase for Limited Visibility Dives
  • The Ascent Phase for Limited Visibility Dives
  • The Post Dive Phase for Limited Visibility Dives

Sparkling sapphire hued waters are, in some places, the exception to the rule for the choices of dive sites available to the diver. Not all the best underwater shipwrecks or submerged archaeological sites lay in pristine waters. If a diver only dives sites with good visibility, he has limited his potential for pleasure, discovery and adventure in the underwater realm. The need to learn how to dive in limited visibility from the standpoint of safety and enjoyment cannot be argued. The PSAI Limited Visibility Diving Course is designed to help expand the number of dive sites you can experience, reduce stress levels when you find visibility less than ideal, and expand your overall diving capabilities.