Kim Davidsson

Kim has worked at Cenote Dive Center, Xibalba Dive Center and also as a “freelance” and independent guide and instructor in Tulum since 2003. Just leaving for  about 2 years in total to pursue diving elsewhere, working with his father and for the birth of his son.

His passion for cave diving lead him to the realization that he would like to teach the art of safe cave diving.

Kim has been fortunate to explore some of the amazing caves and systems in México and this is his true passion. Connecting the dots and to see how a cave grows is the ultimate kick and Kim is often struck by “cave fever”…

He is interested in the pedagogical aspects of teaching, always striving to become a better instructor and to deliver the best possible course in the best possible way.

Other interests are: CCR diving, sidemount diving, dpv diving, wreck diving, mine diving and technical mixed gas diving. He is also interested in the documentation of the caves and caverns and participates in an ongoing film project with good friends.

Kim has worked with diving in Sweden, Norway, Thailand and México.

Kim has been cave/mine diving in Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Belize and México.


PSAI Instructor for:

Open Water through Divemaster
Nitrox Diver
Deep Diver
Advanced Nitrox Diver
Technical Diver
Normoxic Trimix Diver
Cavern Diver through Cave Diver
Technical Cave Diver
Basic & Advanced Sidemount Cave Diver
Stage-Multi Stage


TDI Instructor for:

Cavern Diver through Full Cave Diver
Adv. Eanx & Deco Procedures


NACD Instructor for:

Cavern Diver and Intro to Cave Diver


PADI Instructor for:

Open Water through Divemaster


Specialized User for:

ISC Apeks Megalodon
Pelagian DCCCR


Diver Levels:

DSAT Trimix Diver
IANTD Advanced Cave DPV
IANTD Stage / Multistage Cave Diver
TDI Mixed Gas Blender


Participant in the following exploration, expeditions and projects:

2004 Primary and main explorer of “Chan Hol” cave system in Tulum, México.

2004 – 2005 Member and exploration diver of “SAET” (Sac Aktun Exploration Team). Team responsible for the connections between; Abejas, Ka’as, CUTS, Nohoch K’iin, Sac Aktun and Temple of Doom. Making Sac Aktun the then second largest water filled cave in the world.

2006 – 2010 Explored in the following caves in the Tulum, México area; Las Grutas, Muul Ha, Abejas Negras, Kim Ha, Sac Aktun, Nohoch Nah Chich, Dzonot Tu Ha, Temple of Doom, Baab Zooz, Lycka

2010 Exploration diver of the National Geographic funded expedition to dive “the sacred pools” of Cara Blanca in Belize

2011 Ongoing explorations of Sandcrack, Lycka and Sac Aktun

2011 Deep Cave Exploration (230ft/70m) and archeological research project, Cara Blanca, Belize

2012 – 2013 ongoing exploration projects and active member of the “QDT” (Quiet Diver Team)2012 – 2013 coordinator and safety diver for Aquavista film productions2013 Sistema Choko Pek, Tulum, México

2013 Sistema Nohoch Pek, Muyil, México

PSAI Instructor Kim Davidsson

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